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Asphalt Milling Services

When old, cracked asphalt needs to be removed, or when asphalt has become too high after multiple resurfacings, consider asphalt milling rather than complete demolition and repaving.


Tucker's Paving will perform asphalt milling services to create a fresh new base for paving, saving you money while reducing your project's environmental impact. Asphalt milling is a cost-effective method of removing and recycling asphalt material in cases where there may be drainage issues due to uneven slopes, or when pavement is too high. All milling debris will be removed from the job site so you won't be left with any mess.

“Wonderful company to work with. They did an amazing job paving our driveway. Mrs. Tucker is so friendly on the phone. Mr. Tucker was very professional when he and his crew came out to do the job. He made sure it was exactly like I wanted it before he put the final layer on. He then walked me through the steps for the future to keep it looking great. I now have 2 very happy boys that can play basketball out there. I highly recommend using them for your project. You will not be disappointed."

Megan O.

Ready to Talk 2 Tucker?

Call today, and we'll be happy to discuss service options with you. For service quotes, we'll send our friendly asphalt paving specialists, who will focus solely on your needs and nothing more. We strive to be a service provider you can trust for all your asphalt and paving needs.

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